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      About the Charity

      We enable Gurkha veterans, their families and their wider communities to live their lives with dignity in Nepal.

      About the Gurkhas

      Gurkhas are traditionally recruited from the hill people of Nepal, with roots right back to an 8th century Hindu warrior.

      Great South Run: The countdown is on!

      Don’t miss the south coast’s biggest running event, covering a fast and flat 10 mile route.

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      06 Sep 2021
      Celebrating Dashain Festival with a special treat

      In October we join our Gurkha veterans and their families to celebrate the Festival of Dashain. It will be a…

      The Gurkha Welfare Trust Read
      19 Aug 2021
      May you not trip when you walk – a widow’s story

      Widow Deukumari Chhetri lives in Tanchowk village in the remote Annapurna region of Nepal. At the age of 95 she…

      The Gurkha Welfare Trust Read
      10 Sep 2021
      An extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary man

      ‘Martin Gillott was a historian, a philosopher, a poet, an artist, a joker, an entertainer, a loyal friend and firstrate…

      The Gurkha Welfare Trust Read

      Who are the Gurkhas?

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      Your Gurkha stories

      Keep the legend of the Gurkhas alive by sharing your story and read others' too

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      • 11:11 AM, 21 Sep 2021Traditionally, women & children in Nepal have spent hours collecting water each day, reducing women's ability to wo… https://t.co/1FCbXJW9Ev

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